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This, loves, is why I've been gone so long. I wrote a book and had it published by Great Potential Press:

Cheating, Dishonesty, & Manipulation: Why Bright Kids Do It by... me. :D…

Because, let's face it, everyone has gotten bored at some point during their school experience and thought "finding a clever way to get around this/do this differently/find the loophole would be more worth my time". I was one of those kids.

And now I've written the book on the subject. :heart:
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Sorry my lovely watchers- I have been MIA. Like whoa.  On top of the book being published (I'll post a link to it very soon- it comes out in a few weeks!!!! :heart:), I went and done got me knocked up and had a gorgeous baby boy. :heart: He's now 3 months old and I'm only just getting to the point where I can sit and paint my face for any stretch of time.

But my hubby went and bought me a phenomenal camera and backdrop setup- so I'm so excited to start playing with it, and to get back into this wonderful hobby with this wonderful community of fellow artists.

So... any suggestions about what you'd like to see me do for my 'welcome back' look? ^_^
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Hi All,

My goal to post a deviation within the next month.  I'm gonna hold myself to that, too, barring catastrophic disaster and/or the coming of days. ...Unless it's a zombie sort of apocalypse. Then I can just click some shots of wandering undead and post them, claiming them to be miracle sfx work of mine. BOSS.

So I'm scheduled to have the final proofs for my book turned in by Nov 15th, which is good news for every other creative venture in my life that has been put on hold so that I can get this dream ready and in the can.  I can't share many details yet, sorry, but suffice it to say- I don't know how many folks here would actually be interested. :D It's a nonfiction book... that has nothing to do with any of my face painting work. Almost like a textbook. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, unless it wasn't painfully obvious already, I am a GIANT. NERDFACE. ...But I'm getting paid for it. BOSS of the BOSS.

I also bought a house and got married this year, so it's kind of been kind of a "whaaaaa?" kind of year.  So apologies all around for my absence, but life kept intervening. 

If anyone has any suggestions or requests for what my big reappearance should be, feel free to leave it in the comments.  I'm mulling over a few things. ;)

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Hi lovelies-

I MISS you.  :glomp: I wish I had more time on my hands these days, but I've been working on a nonfiction book (details to follow- don't wanna spoil it ;) that a publisher has already said YUS to. So this year, I'll have to squeeze in makeup projects when I can.  Sorry loves, I absolutely ADORE painting, and all my friends on DA- but writing and being an author has been my ultimate dream since... um... birth.  So I can't let this opportunity go by w/out giving it my full attention.

This aint the last of me, y'hear me? It's just that projects will be a little... slowed. Don't give up on me, though. :heart: It's all wonder and gratitude on the horizon.
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A thank you to Lily: a wonderful, fellow artist- who not only responded quickly and angrily (at the thief, not at me!) to my letting her know that someone had impersonated me in the contest she'd held, but she said "I've not sent her prize yet... so I'll send it to you! Congrats for winning a contest you didn't even know you'd entered. I hope she asks me where it is, too, so I can chew her out!"  (Doubt it will happen- FB, also thankfully, deleted her account.)

:D :clap:  Yaaaay! I win. :giggle: Sorry kiddo thief, guess that didn't quite work out the way you'd planned, huh? But thanks for the free publicity! :blowkiss: Bless you, Lily, for the wonderful righteous indignation that artists are so good at when threatened with copycats & poseurs.

PS) I know I've been gone for a while- apologies!!! All my stuff is still in boxes from the move, and I've been slow to get my rear in gear. I shall return, and with some new pics thanks to my new camera, and for my overdue (as always) "inspired by" contest winner image.
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Ugh. Impersonated

Sun Jan 13, 2013, 8:53 AM

So someone is using my photos on a facebook account under the name of "Kira" to enter makeup contests with.  I'm posting this here so that, in the report, when they go to check the site I've noted that the originals exist on, they can see the longevity of this account and the history of the pictures posted, and know that these are the originals.
"Kira", my dear, you suck. That is all.

Happy ChristmaBirthdaNewYeariversary!

Wed Dec 26, 2012, 7:39 PM

Yes, it's "the cluster".  Christmas, my birthday, New Years, and my anniversary are all within a week of each other. :D So it's a happy time. Albeit crazy.

Soooo... I got a fantastic, amazing Nikon camera for Christmas, so I'm going to be playing around with that soon, and hopefully posting some pics that do the work justice. (Or show the flaws. Who knows... but I'm excited! :giggle:) This is a big step up from the kodak easyshare, so whooooo!

Merry Everything, everyone. :heart: See you soon!

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Da Winnah

Mon Nov 12, 2012, 6:29 AM

Random numbers are in! My next Fan Thank you goes to: :iconrose-regina-fae: ! :D Thanks all. And the poll is closed- that'll be coming soon, too.

I'm so excited for the holidays. You have no idea. :heart: :heart:

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Fan Art/Thank you for my Watchers

Tue Oct 30, 2012, 6:12 PM

Feeling happy & grateful- so another thank you for all you fabulous people.

For at least one of my watchers (and no more than two if I'm feeling particularly arty in the next week or two), I will create a thank you art piece inspired by something(s) from your gallery.  Basically, you'll be added to my Salutations Series.  

All you have to do is comment on this journal entry.  If you'd like to throw some happiness and love my way in that comment, it won't help your chances much, since I'll be using a randomizer in probably a week- but trust me, it's all read and greatly appreciated. :blowkiss:

My watchers inspire me to be better. They keep me fresh and exciting, they encourage me, and they keep me humble with the breathtaking sights of their own galleries and collections.  I thank you all.  ...And remind you that sometimes I paint immediately after a contest, and sometimes it takes me a few months. :XD: I never welch, though. :giggle:

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Tutorial Requests A'Fore Halloween?

Mon Oct 8, 2012, 7:14 PM

Hokay, so, I'm going to give my poll a few more days because right now it's tied, but that "redo" image of an old deviation, whatever it may be, will be on my docket.

I also had a request recently to do a tutorial based on the "All the Pretty Girls" skin-patch before Halloween, and it got me to thinking.  I have a bit o' painting time before now and Halloween- so is there anything in particular I can offer my wonderful watchers to inspire or aid their Halloweening in any way?  The request window is now open for a short period of time. :heart: :la:

PS) Halloween is awesome. That is all.

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I can't find a journal skin that suits me for BEANS.  I get so tired of them after a while, and as pretty as they are on their own, they feel like an eyesore on my page after a while. Bah.

I don't know how to link to a poll. 'Cause, er, that's just how I be. But I've put up a poll that asks which of 4 oooolllld deviations, and asked- which would you most like to see me "recreate" in my new, more polished style?  I keep seeing these "draw again" images of people showing their improvement or style changes over the years, and I think it'd be fun.  So I turn to my lovely watchers: whattaya wanna see?

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Back Soon and Tattooooooo

Tue Aug 14, 2012, 12:44 PM
Hey loves, apologies for the long absence. I've not left DA, and make no plans to- I just have been very deeply entrenched in a project for work. It is an extremely creative project, and so I've been using up all of my artist mojo on that. It's satisfying yet draining. :D I'll be back when the project is done (at the end of the month) and is no longer a creative vampire.

In the meantime, take a look at something :iconragdoll8877: sent me: of the tattoo that she got celebrating a birthday.   HOLY CRAP I'm in a tattoo! o__O It's a compilation of two of my ragdolls.  It's intensely flattering and a little odd to wrap my head around. But it's oh so cool. :heart:

meet ragdoll4 by RagDoll8877 meet ragdoll3 by RagDoll8877

Later gators!

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Wolfe Brother needs help

Mon Jul 23, 2012, 9:16 PM
Awful news from the body painting community... Brian Wolfe of the famed Wolfe Brothers, the paints I love and use almost exclusively, has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  :(  Noooooo!!!! As a face/body painter and a cancer survivor, this really smacks me in the face. I'm going to donate what I can, and I ask that anyone who can, please, at the very least, pass on the news/donation link, and donate if that's something that's possible for you.  


Words the Wolfe Family:
"Identical twins Nick and Brian Wolfe grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida and started their epic journey into the world of special effects makeup. They share inborn enthusiasm for art and illusion that has fueled their meteoric rise in the world of faceart, body painting and special effects make-up.They travel the world sharing their ideas, teaching others and helping them accomplish their dreams.

Brian has been married for 12 years to his devoted wife, Dara and they have an 11 year old daughter, Trinity. Both who are his life and biggest supporters.

Just a few days ago, Brian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has knocked him off his feet and is threatening his life. While Brian undergoes treatment he is unable to work. His wife, who has stood by his side for over a dozen years is needed by his side now more than ever.

We are asking you to help the Wolfe family in any way you can. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will be used to help with day to day expenses so Brian can focus on healing and living his dream once again.

We also ask for privacy for the family during this extremely difficult time. As Brian receives his treatment, we will keep you updated on his recovery.  

The Wolfe family is so blessed to have such caring family, friends and fans and is extraordinarily grateful for the continued support."

Donation Link:

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Testing 1 2 4 ...wait...

Mon Jun 25, 2012, 9:16 PM
This is a test of the emergency journal system.
This is only a test.
Were this a real emergency journal,
Nothing of note would have happened. Your life would pursue its original goals and settings at its originally fated pace with no deliberate  instigation from this journal or its contents.
Thank you, that is all.

(Trying to find a journal header that doesn't assault my senses every time I'm on my homepage. o_O )

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Watcher Winner/Sleep is for Pansies

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 24, 2012, 1:46 AM
Okay, so it's 4:30 am.  Sleep is for WUUUUSSSIIIEEEEES. *snore*

It's a tie! So both these lovely folks will get a them-inspired piece by me whenever I get my azz in gear. :D  :iconmeghan-vu: and :iconsanatales:  both with 12 points.

For the curious:

1.  Let's start w/ an easy one. How do I time my projects?
:bulletblue: With what I was watching at the time. :D

2. Which makeup project got me kicked out of a casino?
:bulletred: :thumb102357165: Deviant Doll/Rag Dolly

3. What part of my face do I HATE to paint?
Lips. Ugh. Tickly. Can't eat. Can't drink. BOOO HISS whinecomplain

4. Who is Wilbur?
:bulletgreen: I Will Always Protect You by sweetgreychaos The hoglet :heart:

5. The image 'Color Boost' in my gallery marks the first time for something in my main gallery. What is it?
:bulletpurple: First time I smiled/showed my teeth (there was another, but it's a scrap).

6. What martial art inspired one of my images?
:bulletblue: First Rule of Fight Club... by sweetgreychaos Krav Maga

7. There is a scar on my neck visible in many of my images. What is it from?
:bulletred: A biopsy

8. Which tutorial is my most popular?
:bulletgreen: Wax Cut Tutorial by sweetgreychaos Wax Cut Tutorial. Thing's been my most favorited deviation for YEARS- until Steampunk Hive.

9. What mistake did I make on "Gamer Generation"?
:bulletpurple: The controller pad is backwards from painting in the mirror.

10. And last but not least, find which images you can find these things in: (Some are in more than one, so I will accept multiple answers.)  Alligator, Rainbow Orange, Lion, Zero, Flute, Dice, Beatles Quote.
:bulletblue: :D Sneaky me.
Alligator: Spectrum by sweetgreychaos I Welcome our New Cat Overlords by sweetgreychaos Teacher's Patch Doll by sweetgreychaos
Rainbow Orange: Spectrum by sweetgreychaos
Lion: Feral Girl by sweetgreychaos
Zero: Twas the Night Before Haunting by sweetgreychaos
Flute: Dulcet Doll by sweetgreychaos (Can you find it? Sneeeeeakky)
Dice: Sweet Chaos Close-Up by sweetgreychaos Salutation: Visual Feast by sweetgreychaos
Beatles Quote: Miteryx Ephemera by sweetgreychaos

PS- wow, thanks to all the entries. I am humbled by your masterful stalkerdom.  XD I shall now change all of my locks. :heart:

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Fanart/Watcher Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 17, 2012, 9:03 PM
I am going to RESIST my natural tendency to dig a hole and hide for a month after a DD- or any outpouring of views and support.  I am taking a big girl deeeeeep breath and saying 'Thank you' without hightailin' it for a cave.  I have long harbored the notion that staying in the spotlight will doom me as some inadequate creature and bring forth nasties with sticksfrom the hills . But after Steampunk Hive was posted on Reddit... and TheChive , and Tumblr... and I still didn't go up in the flames of the noob troll spammy hate and fire, I think... I may be okay. :squee:

So to thank everyone for their support, I'm going to stay put & do another piece very soon in the form of a tribute/fanart to a particular watcher or fan (that feels weeeeeird. I'm not supposed to have fans..).  Normally I pull a name randomly and then paint something that is inspired by your gallery/artwork- but this time, some'n a little different. A contest.  A scavenger hunt, if you will, that anyone can win, but it's skewed towards my longtime watchers. (Or new watchers with nuthin' better to do than search.) :D

Most points wins. I tally the points Saturday the 23rd. (EDIT: Good point. You may want to send the entries via note. Just so nozbodz stealz yer smartz. :B)

1.  Let's start w/ an easy one. How do I time my projects?

2. Which makeup project got me kicked out of a casino?

3. What part of my face do I HATE to paint?

4. Who is Wilbur?

5. The image 'Color Boost' in my gallery marks the first time for something in my main gallery. What is it?

6. What martial art inspired one of my images?

7. There is a scar on my neck visible in many of my images. What is it from?

8. Which tutorial is my most popular?

9. What mistake did I make on "Gamer Generation"?

10. And last but not least, find which images you can find these things in: (Some are in more than one, so I will accept multiple answers.)  Alligator, Rainbow Orange, Lion, Zero, Flute, Dice, Beatles Quote.

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Thank you!!!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 4, 2012, 12:52 PM

Log on to DA this afternoon after work:

1,119 Messages.

Grey says: "Say what?"

Steampunk Hive DD. O_______O

:iconsistersgrimms: :iconjzino: You rock so hard. Thank you so much!!!!

I am so blown away- thank you to everyone who has commented and faved and just made this really supercoolawesome. (Yes, I'm lame like that. :XD: Live with it.)


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Me in Motion... ala Video

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 21, 2012, 6:11 PM

Hi all!

I get requests for tutorials quite a bit, and I'm really quite flattered at that, but I rarely put them together. Some of that is disbelief that I can teach anyone anything that they couldn't find out on their own, and the rest is laziness. (Hey, let's be honest here.)

But I got a really awesome webcam for Christmas, and put together a video of one of the projects I did shortly after. I've been SO busy I only recently put it together, and I really hope my longtime watchers (and newbies! Welcome!) enjoy, and get a kick out of seeing Grey Girl in motion:

:heart: :blowkiss:

PS)The feature section I hinted at last time is coming along beautifully, so expect to see that soon.

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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 14, 2012, 3:11 PM

The very talented, and very kind fellow makeupper Katie Alves has featured me on her very fabulous makeup blog: and I'm extremely flattered.  Seriously, she's awesome.  I'll return the favor by paying it forward, and putting up a features section next week to help highlight some of the wonderful new talent in our little community. :heart:

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 5, 2012, 1:16 PM

Felllaaaaaa! FElllllllaaaaaaaaa!!!

I won a boat ton of DA points in a Halloween contest (the one kind of DA contest I have a shot in tar in winning :giggle:) and I used 'em to get me my very own DA Fella.

He has arrived.

I love him and his over-exaggerated floofy grey eyebrows.

...That is all. :boogie:

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